Boston's Way - Sandwich

Boston’s Way- A Food Truck Review

Boston’s way is a new food truck on the growing central Kentucky food truck scene. According to their Facebook their first events were in the summer of this year. In just a few months they have already amassed a following of almost 1000 fans. When the team at square waffle saw this and also heard good things from some friends we knew that this place had to be one of our next reviews. The review we heard stated this was the best cheesesteak around and some people even saying they would eat here once a day if they had a store, upon receiving this information we knew that whatever we were about to try was deffenitally gonna be amazing.

Best Cinnamon roll in Lexington

What is the best Cinnamon Roll in Lexington, Round 1?

Previously we tried to determine the best donut in Lexington, which wasn’t easy because they are all sooo good. Some agreed and some did not. Since desserts make you feel a little better during COVID hell, we decided it was time for another tasting test. This time we wanted to find out where to go for the best Cinnamon roll in Lexington. We ended up with 7 contenders!

Hard Cider Reviews - Pick 3

Hard Cider Reviews – A Pick 3

Hard Cider Reviews can get tricky, and these are three quality ciders, all different and unique. If you are looking for new cider to put in your rotation I would recommend all of these. While Blake’s Hard Cider was my favorite, I don’t think it will be the same for everyone. Since all these vary widely it will be up to the reviewer. Which means we need feedback from you, if you have tired one, two, or three of these ciders, please leave a review.

Johnny Chapman – New Day Craft Cider

The cider is not overly sweet but not dry either, so it did live up to the label of being ‘moderately sweet’. The Johnny Chapman was very easy to drink. No off putting aftertaste that would make you change your mind on the taste after you take a few sips. Johnny Chapman really just offers a smooth refreshing taste. The uniqueness of infusing with sorghum did crank the score up a bit for my review.