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Hi Lenny here. I like to eat and drink and be married! Winter is the worst season, if you disagree you are wrong. I have opinions just like you, only mine are almost correct,

Best Cinnamon Roll in Lexington. Round 2

Round 2 Best Cinnamon Roll in Lexington

In an earlier post, we took to the streets tracking down the ever elusive best cinnamon roll in Lexington. You can find round 1 right here. The Square Waffle Team also attempted to determine the best donut in Lexington This time around we ended up testing 4 new places. We wanted to hit a few more stops in round 2, but alas it wasn’t meant to be!

Best Cinnamon roll in Lexington

What is the best Cinnamon Roll in Lexington, Round 1?

Previously we tried to determine the best donut in Lexington, which wasn’t easy because they are all sooo good. Some agreed and some did not. Since desserts make you feel a little better during COVID hell, we decided it was time for another tasting test. This time we wanted to find out where to go for the best Cinnamon roll in Lexington. We ended up with 7 contenders!

Hard Cider Reviews - Pick 3

Hard Cider Reviews – A Pick 3

Hard Cider Reviews can get tricky, and these are three quality ciders, all different and unique. If you are looking for new cider to put in your rotation I would recommend all of these. While Blake’s Hard Cider was my favorite, I don’t think it will be the same for everyone. Since all these vary widely it will be up to the reviewer. Which means we need feedback from you, if you have tired one, two, or three of these ciders, please leave a review.