Best Taco in Lexington – Week #1

First two match ups in Best Taco in Lexington Tournament

It is finally here, the games have begun, the tournament everyone around the world has been waiting for. The 16 top seeds made it into the tournament a few weeks back and now it’s time to see who will win their first round games. The Square Waffle team went out and got a regular beef and chicken taco from each restaurant’s menu. Overall taste was the factor to move a taco forward. Appearance, toppings, size, and price also helped the SW team make the decision.

#1 vs #16 Seed - Best Taco in Lexington
Game 1

Game 1

#1 El Rancho Tapatio vs #16 AGAVES Grill

The opening game of the best Taco in Lexington Tournament is the #1 seed vs #16 seed. The #1 is el Racho Tapatio, located at 144 Burt Road in Lexington, comes in with high expectations to go all the way and cut down the chip basket and take a salsa bath. The #16 seed and last team to make it into the tournament is Agaves Grill, located in Nicholasville. Agaves is hoping to pull off the upset in this opening round.

The breakdown of Game 1

As you can see from the photos the El Rancho tacos came loaded with lettuce, cheese, sour cream, avocado, and tomatoes. This was the most expensive taco of the four restaurants reviewed today, but you can understand why with the amount of meat and toppings applied. The chicken had intense flavors and the chicken was finely shredded. The ground beef tacos also had robust flavors and made each bite delightful. The beef on the El Rancho tacos was not overly ground, which most of the Square Waffle reviewers enjoyed

Agaves Grill was the last taco to make it into the tournament. The Square Waffle team had now idea what to expect from this Darkhorse. When it comes to price the Agaves’ tacos were much cheaper, and you can see from the photos the Agaves tacos did not have nearly as much toppings. The tasting team was pleasantly surprised by the tasty tacos however. The beef tacos were much better than the chicken tacos. We even liked the over taste of the Agaves beef better than the El Rancho. Both of the Agaves tacos were a little watery and feel apart during consumption.

After comparing the two it was closer than expected, but El Rancho Tapatio came out the winner of this match. Great flavors and a huge portion were the difference in the match up. El Rancho Tapatio moves forward. Don’t take anything away from the fight Agaves Grill gave, they do have some great tacos!

#8 seed vs #9 Seed
Papi’s vs El Charro

Game #2

#8 Papi’s Rapido vs #9 El Charro

The 8 vs 9 match ups usually turn out to be close and very hard fought. It was no difference with our Game 2 match. Papi’s Rapido, which now has two Lexington Locations has been a favorite since they opened their doors. They have a sit-down location and a drive-thru rapido location. El Charro located on Harrodsburg road just had a Re-Grand Opening after some remodeling. I’m sure all the El Charro fans are happy they have this excellent choice, of dinning, back in the mix.

The breakdown of Game 2

First up in the 8 seed Papi’s! Take a look at these awesome tacos and try not to go pick up a half dozen for your next meal. Both the chicken and beef tacos come loaded with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and lots of peppers. The Square Waffle team enjoyed the beef tacos more than the chicken. The chicken tacos were well seasoned but there was something about the almost saucy beef tacos that blew us away.

El Charro is next up in the taco battle. The Square Waffle team noticed only cheese and lettuce on the beef and chicken tacos. The lack add-ons may be a great thing if you don’t like taco toppings! Overall we taught the chicken could use a bit more seasoning, and the beef represented the same way. The El Charro tacos had a good portion of meat for both varities.

In the end Papi’s flavor was just to much for El Charro to over take. Papi’s beef and chicken tacos really do it right. Papi’s will be moving on to face the #1 seed of the tournament el Rancho. This will be a good showdown, and it will be anybody’s’ game when it’s all said and done!

Best Taco in Lexington Week #1 Winner

Papi’s and El Rancho Tapatio are the first week’s winner. The will meet up in the elite 8 next round. Check back soon for the next match ups.

To see the full bracket check here.

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